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8 May 2017

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In Memoriam: Grania Davis

It is with great sadness that The Nutmeg Point District Mail records the death of Grania Davis on 28 April. Your correspondent must acknowledge her generous encouragement of his initial researches into the writings of Avram Davidson. Grania's introductions to other writers and editors were a concrete demonstration of the great esteem for Avram Davidson among writers in the fields of science fiction and fantasy. Grania opened her address book and so the first issue of the District Mail reached a who's who of the field.

Grania Eve Kaiman was born 27 July 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was raised in Hollywood, California. She was married to Avram Davidson in a traditional Jewish ceremony in the home of Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm in Milford, Pennsylvania. Their son Ethan was born in November 1962. They lived briefly in New York City and Milford before moving to Amecameca, Mexico, in the spring of 1963. Avram described the town: "a narrow-gauge steam railroad whistles its way through burro-iferous streets which may, conceivably, have been paved during the Juarez Administration or the reign of Maximilian which interrupted it; and over choo-choo train, donkeys, muddy lanes, sixteenth-century church, serape'd
Indios and all, broods the great blue bulk of Popocatepetl." During this time (long before overnight delivery services), Avram was editor of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
In her essay "Water from a Deep Well", Eileen Gunn wrote, "In the spring of 1964, Avram and Grania reluctantly concluded that their marriage was not a compatible one. In the early summer, Grania moved to Oakland in the San Francisco Bay area, where she and Avram each had many friends, primarily writers and readers of science fiction. Avram followed a few months later with Ethan. He found a place nearby in Berkeley, and he and Grania remained friends, sharing childcare responsibilities, and later collaborating on stories and novels." Grania had begun a correspondence with Philip K. Dick while in Mexico -- he wrote great letters to her and Avram (most of these were sold in 2008 and are now in a private collection), and she became involved with him for a time.
Grania married Stephen L. Davis, M.D., Ph.D., and they had a son, Seth. Steve was a California native and an old-style radical. They lived in San Rafael for many years but Steve's medical practice took them regularly to Hawaii and included sojourns in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India and in the Antipodes. Steve Davis died in 2011.
Grania Davis is survived by her two sons, Ethan and Seth.

At the time of Avram Davidson's death, only two of his books were in